The centre of your grants activity

Welcome to the demo version of GEM Local!

GEM Local is the grants information and management site for local community groups, clubs and other small nonprofit organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

It's designed specifically to give you access to a 12-month Grants Calendar, showing you relevant grant opportunities based on your organisation’s activities, location and legal status.

A GEM Local account will allow your organisation to:

  • Look up the websites, contact details, criteria and eligibility requirements of funders
  • Receive email alerts when closing dates change, or when new grants become available
  • Keep a record of what you have applied for, and what grants you have received

How the demo works

You will be logged into the demo GEM Local as the fictional "Demo Group".

You will see helpful explanations throughout the site, explaining the different functions to you.

The demo is fully interactive, allowing you to view a demo Grants Calendar, click through to grant records, and fill in records of applications.