Welcome to our GEM Local DEMO!   ** This is a DEMO with pretend data **  Please use the menu bar above to access your Grants Calendar and grant application records.  

   ** Please remember that this demo site is set up with DUMMY DATA only.  Your actual personalised GEM Local will list just the relevant grants according to your geographic location, legal status and the types of projects you are seeking funding for.  If you have questions, we'd love to chat.

In the live system on this screen, you will find a suite of tools including the latest Funder News, Templates, Blogs, Help Videos and our Community Grant-Seeker Manual, packed with loads of useful information.

Help Videos

  • This is where you will find helpful videos

    How to use GEM Local
  • This is where you will find helpful videos

    How to get grant funding

News and Updates

  • Welcome to the GEM Local demo! 01/01/2022

    This site is a demonstration version of GEM Local - the site that gives small nonprofit groups and organisations their own Calendar of grants to help them plan applications, keep records, and access funding.

  • Funder News 01/01/2022

    We update this page in GEM Local with news from grant funders, including briefings, contact changes and restructures.

  • Government announcement 01/01/2022

    If there's an announcement from a government body that affects nonprofit groups and organisations, we'll post it to GEM Local News.

  • Scholarship opportunity 01/01/2022

    Occasionally we post scholarships or awards that are relevant to people working with nonprofit groups and organisations.


    Grant tips

    This is where you'll find the latest tips, hints and helpful info from the Strategic Grants team.

    Follow the guidelines

    Only ever apply for a grant when your organisation and your project are an exact fit with the funder's guidelines (or if the funder has invited or encouraged you to apply). Never submit an application just because a grant round exists!

    Plan projects

    It's essential to be very clear about what you're going to do with a grant before you apply. Have a clear plan for the 'project' you're putting forward: whether it's an activity in your community, an event, or buying a piece of equipment. Why is this project needed? What will it cost? (Be specific) How will you achieve it?

    Speak to funders

    Wherever possible, have a conversation with a funder before making a grant application. Building a relationship with a funding body increases your likelihood of success. Briefly introduce your organisation and your project, and get an indication of their level of interest in what you're doing.

    Seek feedback

    If your grant application is unsuccessful, ask the funder if they are able to give you feedback. Knowing why your application did not succeed will help make your next application better.