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These are the grants from now, for the next 12 months that have been matched to your organisation based on what you do, where you operate, and your legal status. Every time you log into GEM Local, you can view an updated Grants Calendar that contains all the grant updates from our GEM Local research team. They are updating new closing dates and changes every day as new information becomes available from funders. New grants that are relevant to your organisation will be automatically added in to your Grants Calendar.

Click and hold on the grey scroll bar below, and drag it over to the right to move across the screen and see more of your Grants Calendar.

Click on the name of any grant in the Grant Name column to open up the grant details (these will open in a new tab or window of your browser).

If you would like to save today’s version of your Grants Calendar in a Microsoft Excel file, click the green Download Calendar button at the bottom right of the screen.

Please note: You should only submit a grant application if your project and organisation are eligible, and your project meets the guidelines perfectly. If possible, you should always speak to the funder before applying. All the grants appearing on your Grants Calendar may not be suitable to all of your funding needs. Carefully consider the guidelines of each grant and what each funder has supported previously, to ensure the best possible chance of success.

This Grants Calendar shows grants from today's date forward. If you would like to make a record of an application you submitted to a round which closed in the past three months, click the View Recently Closed Grants button.

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