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$10,001 - $20,000

Not Specified

Up to 12 months

$50,001 - $100,000


Not Specified

Not Specified

By Invitation

Some grants are by invitation only. The trustees identify NFPs to partner with. Look for a relationship between your board or ambassadors and the trustees.

Not Specified


Equipment, General, Project Startup

Tax Concession Charity (TCC), Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR1), Unincorporated, auspiced, ACNC Registered Charity, DGR1 and TCC

Not Specified

Name Emails Phones
Example Funder Contact info@examplefunder.com.au
07 3892 1150

This field will contain specifics from the funder. Ensure your project aligns with the funder's criteria. Strategic Grants can assist with matching your projects with funders and grant rounds that are well aligned. Get in touch at info@strategicgrants.com.au

This field will contain details on the requirements to submit an application for this grant.

Funders don't fund retrospectively. Others might have specific exclusions like salaries, travel costs, etc. You'll find info about them in your GEM Portal in this section. Review exclusions first to assess whether it's right for your project.

Review guidelines and apply by email at: www.examplefoundation/application

Here you'll find a list of trustees. Run this list of trustees by your board members to see if there are any connections you can use to build relationships with funders.

In this field you'll find examples of past funded projects. E.g. $11,800 for Arts Workshops in regional areas. Look at what funders have made grants to in the past to get an understanding of what types and models of projects they are interested in funding and what are the most frequent grant amounts.

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